Conversational Design

At my current position, I design the workflow of a virtual agent that gives solutions for technical issues. This is my process for how I understand users and their needs and design the workflows.

(Some information has been modified for privacy concerns)

Date: 2019 - 2021    Skills: Conversational Design, User Research, UX Writing

User Research


The purpose of the virtual agent is to help people who are dealing with technical issues. Because of this, people are usually frustrated or in a rush before they speak to the virtual agent. I wanted to understand every stage someone goes through when trying to solve their issue.

customer journey map



This is an example of a bpn which functions as a flowchart showing the decision making process inside a conversation. I am able to create the basic structure of a conversation and then I can collaborate with developers on my team to add scripts or intergrations.

virtual agent workflow



I create proptotypes for stakeholder presentations when I need to convey the idea of a new workflow. I also use prototypes when user testing before releasing a new workflow to production.

virtual agent prototype





  • Talking with users
  • Conducting survey research
  • Increasing automation
  • Decreasing steps within a converstation
  • Increased user satisfaction by 14%
  • Reduced abandoned conversations by 16%

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